“Mercenary at Midnight” is a blazing assembly of provocative verse by author, philosopher, and creator Nicholas Ryan Howard. Crafted in the moments of utmost vulnerability, and always after the midnight hour had struck, the poet journeys without allegiance into the harrowing land of introspection armed only with a combination of daring, desperation, and mettle.

The 100 poems, tales, and reflections within showcase the author's rebellion against complacency, rage against submission, and insurrection against resignation.

“At once a dark path in a deep forest and a cocktail on a streetside patio in a busy metropolis—and wherever you find it takes you—that is expressly where you are meant to be.”

- Rosa Nadine Xochimilco Sánchez, author of Blue Bones, Blood Roses, Black Eyes & Hearts Aflame, Still Burning

“This collection is the definition of mastery and skill. It grants its readers an up close and personal look into the author's life’s journey. His words are carefully crafted, yet still provide a relatable experience that will allow you to tap into your own heart’s journey.”

- Julisa Wilson, rapper & songwriter

“Poems that leave us questioning our own motives, and echoing our unadorned desires. The author is all at once proud, insecure, helpless, tortured, hot-headed, ashamed, and depleted—yet never afraid of a fight. He writes in the tone of a man on the second floor of a burning building.”

- Kaitlin Weichsel, musician & host of the Show Me Yours Hollywood poetry event

The Audio Experience


Packed with vigorous wordplay and a razor-sharp wit, the writing burns like a shot of whiskey and sparks like an exposed wire sizzling in the rain.

Now available in ebook, paperback, and hardcover formats, and also as an audiobook featuring powerful and honest readings of each piece by the author. Buy now, or enjoy it for free, on the following major platforms.


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